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The 13A Visa, also known as the Spouse Visa, is issued to foreign nationals who are legally married to a Filipino citizen. This type of Visa and Immigration in the Philippines is designed to support international families, promoting ease of relocation and providing a pathway for long-term residency.

The initial probationary 13A visa or 13A marriage visa application is valid for 1 year and renewable to a permanent status. Once converted to permanent, the Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) Card is valid for every 5 years.

Key Points to Know:

  • Foreign nationals married to a Filipino spouse may be able to leave the Philippines while the 13a visa application is in process.
  • Need to secure an ECC – B when leaving the country. It can be paid upon departure at the airport, or through the Bureau of Immigration eServices’ website.
  • The visa comes with an Alien Registration Card (ACR) Card.
  • In case of the death, separation, or divorce of a Filipino national, the 13A visa needs to be canceled. The foreign national will then need to revert to a tourist visa status.
  • No need to secure a working permit if you will be working in the Philippines on a 13a visa.

Requirements for 13A Visa Application:

To apply for the 13A Visa in the Philippines, you will need:

  • Templates
  • Original Passport
  • Marriage Certificate – If the marriage was done outside the Philippines, the certificate must be apostilled by the issuing agency or authenticated by the Philippine Embassy.
  • Birth Certificate of Filipino Spouse – It should be issued by the Philippine Statistic Authority (PSA).
  • NBI Clearance (if application is filed 6 months or more after first arrival in the Philippines)

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