Are you a tourist in the Philippines looking to extend your stay? Good news! The Bureau of Immigration of the Philippines now offers an easy and convenient online process for tourist visa extensions, allowing you to meet immigration requirements right from your phone.




When applying for an online tourist visa extension in the Philippines, it is crucial for applicants to carefully provide, review, and verify the accuracy and correctness of the information submitted through the system. Providing incorrect or inaccurate information could lead to the rejection of the application and may even serve as a basis for initiating deportation proceedings against the applicant. It’s essential to ensure that all details provided are precise and in accordance with the immigration requirements to avoid any potential issues with the application process.


1. Visit the official website:

2. If you haven’t already, create an account on the platform.

3. Provide all the necessary personal information including the intended months of extension.

4. Once done, click submit.

5. You’ll receive an assessment of fees along with a reference number. Payment can be made through various      options, including Maya, Gcash, card payments, or Land Bank.

6. Once your payment is confirmed, you’ll receive an email confirmation (including a System Generated Reference Number) to your registered email address.

7. Your application, including the requested duration of the visa extension, will be reviewed, and a check will be conducted to ensure you have no derogatory records.

8. You’ll receive another email containing the details of your extended tourist visa, which will serve as your    visa while you continue your stay in the Philippines. You can also check the status of your application on the ‘Transaction Page.’

9. If applicable, the Immigration will arrange for the printing of your ACR I-Card (tourist). You can choose to have it delivered by your preferred courier provider or pick it up at your selected Immigration satellite office.


Enjoy your extended stay in the beautiful Philippines hassle-free with this online tourist visa extension process!


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