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LXV CARS arranges a van shuttle service and van for rent with a driver in Manila for employees of corporate organizations at competitive rates. We provide professional employee shuttles and excellent car rental services to all types of businesses. Trust us to guarantee your employees travel safely and arrive to work on time every day! You can contact our reservation team on +63917 162 7737. They are available 24/7 for your inquiries to book the perfect minibus, van, or bus to meet the shuttle needs of all your employees.

That’s right! Apart from short-term rentals and one-and-done trips, LXV CARS offers employee van shuttle services on long-term contracts. Hiring shuttle vans help reduce traffic and improve the productivity of your employees once they get to the office without hassle. Think about the benefits; with a commuter van catering to them, they’ll spend less time worrying about the traffic, and more time catching up on emails while on the way to work. And if you want a WiFi connection, Yes we’ve got WiFi installed in our employee van shuttle car rental service.

Whether your employees want a dependable ride to work daily or a temporary on-campus shuttle in the middle of construction, LXV CARS will be more than glad to arrange the best circuit for you. Call us today on +63917 162 7737 to speak with our long-term reservation team, and let LXV CARS provide you with a safe and efficient daily employee shuttle van service to your office!


Temporary Visitor Visa (9A)

It is issued to tourists as well as business visitors doing nonresident work such as meetings and sales calls. A tourist visa holder may not participate in continuing business in the Philippines. Most nationalities receive a 29 days visa-on-arrival, and it can be extended monthly for a limited period of time.

Why Choose Us?

60 Days Payments

We offer 30-days payment terms for shuttle van rental services to accredited companies. Contact us now to apply!

Daily Reports

We assign to each of our corporate clients a dedicated logistic account specialist to ensure daily operations and reports.

Health Protocole

Our vans are regularly disinfected and follow strict COVID sanitary safety recommandations.

DOT Accredited

All our vans are DOT accredited to meet the legal requirements of our clients.