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Asia Relocation is your trusted partner in finding the perfect school for your children. We understand that relocating to a new country can be challenging, especially when it comes to finding the right educational institution for your child. That’s why our dedicated team at Asia Relocation is here to assist you in your school search journey, whether you’re moving to Manila in the Philippines, Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, or Bangkok in Thailand.

School Search in Manila:

As the vibrant capital of the Philippines, Manila offers a wide range of educational opportunities for expatriate families. Our school search service in Manila provides comprehensive information about various international schools that cater to different curricula, including British, American, International Baccalaureate (IB), and more. We consider your preferences, location, and specific requirements to help you find the ideal educational institution for your child in Manila.

School Search in Ho Chi Minh City:

Ho Chi Minh City, known for its rich cultural heritage and dynamic atmosphere, is home to several esteemed international schools. Our school search service in Ho Chi Minh City focuses on assisting you in identifying schools that align with your educational goals and meet your child’s needs. From international schools offering British or American curriculum to bilingual options, we provide detailed information to help you make an informed decision.

School Search in Bangkok:

Bangkok, the vibrant capital of Thailand, boasts a diverse range of educational institutions. Our school search service in Bangkok guides you through the process of finding the best fit for your child. Whether you’re looking for schools offering the British National Curriculum, American curriculum, or International Baccalaureate (IB), we provide valuable insights and support to simplify your school search in Bangkok.

Top 10 Most Reputable International Schools in Manila:

  • International School Manila
  • British School Manila
  • Brent International School Manila
  • International Christian Academy
  • Chinese International School Manila
  • Manila Japanese School
  • The Beacon School
  • The British School Manila
  • Australian International School Manila
  • Eurocampus – French & German European School Manila

Top 10 Most Reputable International Schools in Ho Chi Minh City:

  • British International School, Ho Chi Minh City
  • International School Ho Chi Minh City – American Academy
  • Saigon South International School
  • Renaissance International School Saigon
  • European International School Ho Chi Minh City
  • Australian International School Saigon
  • British Vietnamese International School
  • Canadian International School Vietnam
  • American International School Vietnam
  • United Nations International School of Hanoi – Ho Chi Minh City Campus

Top 10 Most Reputable International Schools in Bangkok:

  • Bangkok Patana School
  • NIST International School
  • Shrewsbury International School Bangkok
  • International School Bangkok
  • Bangkok International Preparatory & Secondary School (Bangkok Prep)
  • Harrow International School Bangkok
  • St. Andrews International School Bangkok
  • Bangkok Christian International School
  • Bangkok Adventist International School
  • Berkeley International School

At Asia Relocation, we are committed to providing you with personalized assistance and guidance throughout your school search journey. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you find the perfect educational institution for your child in Manila, Ho Chi Minh City, or Bangkok.


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