SEC 13 Quota Visa

SEC 13 Quota Visa

At Asia Relocation, we specialize in simplifying the visa and immigration process in the Philippines for expatriates and foreigners. Our comprehensive understanding of the Philippine immigration process and our expertise in obtaining the SEC 13 Quota Visa makes us the ideal partner for your relocation journey.

The SEC 13 Quota Visa, otherwise known as the Quota Visa, is a prestigious permanent visa granted annually to 50 individuals from each nationality. Eligibility is exclusively for applicants from countries that have diplomatic relations with the Philippines and reciprocate similar immigration privileges to Filipino citizens.

SEC 13 Quota Visa: The Basics

The Quota Visa is a highly desired immigration document among foreigners looking to settle in the Philippines, and it comes with specific features:

1. Simultaneous Application with ACR Card: The Quota Visa and the Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) Card applications are processed together. Upon approval and stamping of the Quota Visa, foreign nationals will be given an ACR Card valid for 5 years, renewable.

2. Processing Time: The Quota Visa processing may take up to 3 months, during which your documents and background are thoroughly checked. Our team at Asia Relocation keeps you updated at every step of the process.

3. Multiple-Entry Privilege: The Quota Visa comes with the benefit of multiple entries, providing visa holders with the flexibility to travel in and out of the Philippines at their convenience.

4. Annual Reporting: Quota Visa holders must submit an annual report within the first 60 days of the calendar year to maintain their residency status.

SEC 13 Quota Visa: Requirements

For a smooth application process, you will need to prepare the following documents for the Quota Visa:

  • Completed application templates
  • Original passport
  • NBI (National Bureau of Investigation) Clearance
  • Bank Certificate of Inward Remittance of at least $50,000.00
  • 6pcs of 2×2 photos
  • Bureau of Quarantine Medical Clearance

Our experienced team is here to assist you with these requirements and ensure you have a smooth application process.

Why Choose Asia Relocation for Your Visa and Immigration Needs in the Philippines

Choosing Asia Relocation means entrusting your visa and immigration needs to a dedicated partner. We understand the unique circumstances of each expatriate or foreigner moving to the Philippines and offer personalized service to cater to your specific needs.

For expert guidance on visa and immigration in the Philippines, including the SEC 13 Quota Visa, choose Asia Relocation. Contact us today and embark on your seamless journey to making the Philippines your new home.



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