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Country Guide

Country Guide: Central African Republic

Due to the current coronavirus/COVID-19 situation and restrictions in various countries, the below information may not be accurate. This pandemic is a fluid situation. Check with authorities for local laws and restrictions concerning movements.

Updated: August 22, 2016

Used Household Goods and Personal Effects

Documents Required

  • Copy of passport
  • Packing list
  • Original bill of lading (OBL) – no express release/air waybill (AWB)
  • Original valued inventory in French, dated, and signed by the owner of the goods
  • Invoices for all electrical items less than 6 months old
  • Resident or work permit or letter from the employer
  • Non-sale certificate (declaration on the honor that the owner of the goods will not sell personal effects in the Central African Republic
  • Bordereau de Suivi de Cargaison (BSC) / cargo tracking note (CTN)
  • Personal identification number (NIF)

Specific Information

  • The BSC / CTN are compulsory documents for all sea shipments going to the Central Africa Republic, which must be obtained at the origin.
  • All documents must be provided to the agent prior to the arrival of the shipment in order to apply and be granted duty free clearance prior to the arrival of the shipment.
  • A 1% import tax is levied for all personal effects shipment to the Central African Republic equal to 1% of declared value.
  • Goods that are not exempt from import taxes:
    • Computers                                    80% CIF + VAT 18%
    • Alcohol                                          67.5% CIF + VAT 18%
    • Tobacco                                         77.5% CIF + VAT 18%
    • New electrical appliances         80% CIF + VAT 18%
    • Vehicles                                        48% – 78% (varies with power of the car) + VAT 18%
  • Diplomatic shipments are duty free except for:
    • Computers                                   80% CIF + VAT 18%
    • Vehicles                                         0.5% CIF
  • All shipments are applicable for RGS tax (0.5% of declared value).
  • All shipments are checked by Customs.
Motor Vehicles

Documents Required

  • Original registration card
  • Owner of the goods’ driver’s license
  • Original purchase invoice
  • Non-sale certificate
  • Export declaration (new cars)

Specific Information

  • Taxes on vehicles will depend on age, power, etc.
  • The OBL must show chassis number, engine number, cubic capacity, year of manufacture, brand, and model.
  • If the car is new, an export declaration is required.

Documents Required

  • Veterinary health certificate
  • Vaccination record

Specific Information

  • Dogs and cats coming into the country require a veterinary certificate confirming the animal’s prior vaccination against rabies.
Restricted/Dutiable Items
  • Firearms and ammunition must be declared prior to entry into the country (authorization from the territorial administration required)
  • Cameras, film, and currency must be declared prior to entry into the country
  • Perfume (5 bottles)
  • Alcohol (only “Fond de Cave”) is acceptable and duty free (max 20 bottles)
  • Tobacco products (2 kg)
  • Cigarettes (1000)                  77.5% CIF + VAT 18%
  • Cigars (250)
  • New electrical appliances
  • Computer                                80% CIF + VAT 18%                  Also applies to diplomatic shipments
  • Vehicles                                   48% – 78% CIF + VAT 18%      CIF value depends on the power of the car
                                                      0.5% CIF + VAT 18%                  Diplomatic shipments
  • Alcohol                                     67.5% CIF + VAT 18%
Prohibited Items
  • Narcotics and illegal drugs
  • Alcohol – must be sent separately and labeled as “Fond de Cave” (maximum 20 bottles)
  • Pornography and subversive materials
  • Explosives
Consignment Instructions

Recommended: Contact the destination agent to ensure all requirements have been met prior to import, especially for differences regarding air/sea shipments.

Cultural and Other Information

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