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Asia Relocation is your trusted partner in car leasing in the Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand.
We are a reliable and experienced relocation company that offers a variety of services to help you settle into your new home smoothly. In addition to our relocation services, we also offer in-house car leasing services to make your transition even more convenient.

Car Leasing Services

At Asia Relocation, we understand that owning a car in a foreign country can be a daunting task. That is why we offer car leasing services to help you navigate the roads with ease. Our leasing services are designed to make your transition as smooth as possible, so you can focus on what matters most – enjoying your new surroundings.

Advantages of Car Leasing

No Down Payment:

Leasing a car requires little down payment, which makes it a more affordable option for those who don’t have a lot of cash on hand.

Lower Repair Costs:

Lease contracts come with a warranty that covers repairs and maintenance, which means you won’t have to worry about unexpected repair costs.

Tax Benefits:

In the Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand, you are able to deduct a portion of your lease payments on your taxes.

Drive a New Car Every Few Years:

With a lease, you can drive a new car every few years without worrying about the hassle of selling your old car.

No Trade-In Hassles:

When your lease is up, you can simply return the car to the dealership and walk away, without having to worry about selling it or trading it in.


Leasing a car gives you the flexibility to choose the term length that works best for you, whether it’s three years or six years.

No Depreciation Worries:

When you lease a car, you don’t have to worry about the depreciation of the car, as you’ll only be driving it for a few years.

Reduced Upfront Costs:

Leasing a car requires less upfront costs than financing or buying a new car, which makes it a more affordable option for those who are on a budget.

If you are interested in leasing a car in the Philippines, Vietnam, or Thailand, contact Asia Relocation today. We offer a variety of car leasing options to suit your needs, and our team of experienced professionals will work with you to find the perfect car for your new adventure.


Take advantage of vehicle leasing’s benefits to the fullest so you can move around.


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