Wooden Crates Storage

Wooden Crates Storage – All You Should Know

As with any other technology, today we can see constant innovation in transport and storage. However, sometimes it’s important to understand the basics before attempting to innovate. And we don’t believe anyone would dispute that wooden crates represent the alpha and omega of storage technology. While cardboard boxes are something that initially comes to mind when we talk about transport – cardboard is a relatively new invention. On the other hand, wooden crates have been around for millennia. And that’s precisely why we’ve decided to tell you everything you should know about wooden crates!

Wooden crates vs wooden boxes

If you haven’t dabbled in the transport industry, you might have heard wooden crates being called boxes, and vice versa. It’s only natural – in everyday talk, the two words are practically interchangeable. But if you’re relocating, learning more about all kinds of containers is one of the things you need to do before you move. After all, you’ll need to know which ones to use, right? So, yeah – contrary to what you might think, wooden crates aren’t the same as wooden boxes. They may be almost identical visually – but when professionals use these two terms in the industry, they mean different objects. Now you must be wondering – so how are they different?

Well, it’s all about how we determine the strength of these containers. Or, more specifically, how we decide which can support more weight. To put it simply – we measure the strength of a wooden box by how much weight it can hold before the walls of the box and the top are installed. On the other hand, we measure this on wooden crates when they’re fully done, with all the parts in place.

Wooden Crates Storage
People use wooden crates for all kinds of storage!
Which one is better?

But what does this mean in practice? Well, it means that a crate is a much more sound structure. To be more specific – if you remove one sidewall of a box, the rest will collapse, because everything isn’t self-supported. But with a crate, the rest of the structure will stand. That means that crates are generally much safer for transporting goods. With a wooden crate, there’s much less chance of the container breaking than with a wooden box. So, that means the items inside have less chance of damage in transit.

So why don’t we use wooden crates all the time?

We know what you must be thinking by now – if wooden crates are so much safer, then why don’t we always use them? It seems like such an easy solution – and if they’re better than wooden boxes, they’re also better than cardboard boxes? Why do we use them, if they’re so much flimsier? The answer is actually quite simple – the cost. At the end of the day, wooden crates are much more expensive to make than cardboard or wooden boxes. And that’s why people generally use them only when they’re transporting something really valuable – like some machinery or appliances.

When it comes to ordinary household relocation, buying wooden crates just isn’t cost-effective. You’d have a silly situation – a lot of times, the stuff you’re transporting would be less valuable than the crate. But don’t worry – still, there is a way for you to move with ease. If you want to protect your stuff during a relocation, you’d be better off spending money on a more reputable moving company. Seeing as most people use cardboard boxes for a relocation, it’s actually all about choosing the most careful and methodical movers.

The perks of wooden crates

As we’ve mentioned, wooden crates and boxes are the oldest containers in the world. People have been making boxes out of wood for thousands of years! But still – this is the 21st century we’re talking about. So why shouldn’t you use crates made with other materials, like plastic, for example? Well, there are a few reasons why the wooden ones are still the best all-around:

  • Wood is more eco-friendly – Think about it; by now, you must’ve seen hundreds of articles about the dangers of pollution. And plastics are one of the worst causes of that because they degrade the slowest. Now imagine how slowly a giant plastic container would disappear? Yes – that’s why wood is a much better choice.
  • Wooden crates are durable – While there are many new exciting polymers and materials out there – wood has simply stood the test of time. Even by today’s standards, it’s a really durable material. And if you maintain it well, it can last surprisingly long, especially if we’re talking about reinforced storage crates. Just think about those highlander huts and wooden houses that are hundreds of years old!
  • It’s good with heat – Sure, wood is highly flammable; that much is obvious. But in normal conditions, it’s actually a really good insulation material. After all, people have been building structures out of wood since literally the dawn of humanity.
Plastic crates are major sources of pollution!
Crates are reusable

Finally, one of the greatest advantages wooden crates have is their reusability. If you don’t damage it in transport, a single crate can be used for transporting different items many times. That’s why they’re the best for short-term storage! Of course, that’s provided that the size and shape of the crate fit the items. But it’s not only that! You don’t have to use them as they were originally supposed to be used. If you search the internet, you’ll find all kinds of furniture pieces made from old wooden crates. The possibilities are truly endless!

Even older wooden crates are usable!

You can stack a bunch of wooden crates, remove one of their sides, and voila – you have a nifty and spacious shelf! Or on the other hand, you can use a crate to keep all of the children’s toys in there. And if you cover the top part with something comfy, you can even get a nice ottoman out of it!

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