Prime Destination for Expatriates: A Look into Global Preferences

A recent report by Internations, a globally recognized community for expatriates, has established Mexico as the most desired destination for individuals opting to live and work abroad.

A remarkable 90% of expatriates in Mexico expressed their contentment with their overseas life, demonstrating a considerable lead over the global average of 72%. This accomplishment is based on the “Expat Insider” report, which evaluates 53 destinations across five crucial parameters: quality of life, ease of settling in, working conditions abroad, personal finance, and a composite “expat essentials” index. This index encapsulates factors such as housing affordability, bureaucratic ease, language accessibility, and digital inclusiveness.

Mexico has garnered praise from expatriates for its welcoming environment and the relative simplicity of creating personal networks within the community. The vibrant local culture facilitates an easy adaptation process for foreign workers, who also appreciate the affordable cost of living that simplifies finding suitable accommodation. Despite receiving lower scores in terms of political stability, the diverse leisure options spread across the country remain a significant attraction.

Next in line is Spain, ranking as the second-best destination for expatriates. A robust 87% of the foreign populace expresses satisfaction with their Spanish sojourn, attributing it largely to the country’s dynamic recreational activities, temperate climate, and favorable work-life balance. However, the local job market falls short of the expectations of approximately one-third of expatriates, indicating room for improvement.

Panama rounds off the top three with its friendly ambience, solid personal financial security, and a happy expatriate community where 81% are satisfied with their overall experience.

The comprehensive list of the top 10 preferred destinations for expatriates includes:

1. Mexico
2. Spain
3. Panama
4. Malaysia
5. Taiwan
6. Thailand
7. Costa Rica
8. Philippines
9. Bahrain
10. Portugal

Each of these destinations demonstrates strong performance in creating friendly environments, facilitating ease of settling in, providing engaging recreational activities, and ensuring a balanced work-life scenario. However, they offer moderate career opportunities.

Taiwan stands out in terms of job satisfaction among career-focused expatriates. The international working community in Taiwan highly appreciates the job security, robust local economy, and equitable remuneration provided by the country.

Several top-ranked destinations have further boosted their attractiveness by introducing digital nomad visas. Mexico, Spain, Panama, and Portugal are key examples, offering an additional incentive for global remote workers contemplating a life change.

On the other end of the spectrum, the countries that are least preferred by expatriates include Kuwait, Norway, Turkey, South Korea, and Germany. Settling in and making new friends are cited as significant challenges in Kuwait, Norway, and South Korea. Additionally, expatriates in Turkey and South Korea have expressed discontent with the high-pressure work culture prevalent there.