Moving to Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a one-of-a-kind city! However, people who are moving to Los Angeles don’t know what to expect from it. Because of that, we’ve created this guide with precious pieces of information about life in L.A. Keep reading and you’ll prepare yourself for your upcoming relocation to Los Angeles.

The Basics

The famous City of Los Angeles is the most populous city in the State of California. After New York City, this is the most populous city in the US. Bounded by the Pacific Ocean on one side and by San Gabriel Mountains on the other, Los Angeles has it all – beautiful beaches, desert landscapes, green forests, and mountain ranges. Apart from being the cultural and financial center of Southern California, Los Angeles is also known for its great weather, diversity and, of course, Hollywood. Therefore, anyone who’s getting ready for the international move to L.A. should also prepare for the excitement and numerous possibilities that L.A. offers.


There’s a good reason why Los Angeles is also called the City of Flowers and Sunshine. The weather in Los Angeles is described as “perfect”. This is because days are almost always warm and sunny. The summer has a perfect combination of sunny weather and a gentle ocean breeze. Winters are mild with cooler temperatures and rainy days. Some would say winters are quite pleasant. However, Los Angeles sometimes has bad weather… very bad. The area is often hit by wildfires and earthquakes which can cause billions worth of damage. This is what scares newcomers the most after moving to Los Angeles, but they quickly adopt L.A.’s laidback lifestyle.

Cultural diversity

In L.A, there’s no such thing as a foreigner. This is because Los Angeles has a high cultural diversity. People who’re moving to L.A. come from all around the world. As soon as you step into this city, you’ll notice this, too. However, even though this diversity exists, people are friendly and always willing to help. There are no conflicts. This kind of atmosphere makes adjusting to a new culture simple. Whoever comes to L.A. should use this opportunity to learn interesting things about different cultures.

Los Angeles Lifestyle

Life in Los Angeles is quite different from the one you’re used to. Its laidback lifestyle, beaches, and Hollywood attract people from all around the world. But life in L.A. is more than just having fun. It’s perfect for couples, job seekers, and families, too. Therefore, if you’re moving to Los Angeles, you’ll need some extra pieces of information about living in L.A.


Most people are surprised by the fact that L.A. doesn’t have a traditional city center. Its downtown is reserved for high-rise office buildings, while the attractions and landmarks can be found elsewhere. There are many districts in Los Angeles, and all of them are unique in their own way. There’s Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Chinatown, Arts District, Malibu, and so on. Exploring all of them after the move to Los Angeles is a must!

Living costs

Whoever thinks about moving to Los Angeles, needs to know the cost of living there before they move. Living costs depend on many factors. Housing costs are high, but utility costs are lower than the national average. Keep in mind that big cities with high housing costs usually have higher salaries. However, your salary will depend on your profession. Software engineers, lawyers, doctors, and project managers are only some of the professionals with high salaries.

Working in Los Angeles

When you think about working in L.A, show business probably comes to your mind first. However, even though Los Angeles is the center of the entertainment industry, it can offer more than becoming a part of Hollywood. Some of the biggest names like Tesla, Honda, and Nestle have their headquarters in Los Angeles. Therefore, a lot of different job opportunities are waiting for you. And with some luck, you might even find your dream job.

There’s also the possibility of relocating an office to Los Angeles. This can be easily done with the help of professional movers. Keep in mind that online moving estimates are precise, so they are a good starting point for office relocation. Find the right mover and you’ll be working in L.A. in no time.

The traffic

You’re probably wondering why traffic is in the lifestyle section. Well, it’s because you’ll spend a lot of your time stuck in a traffic jam. Therefore, probably the worst part of living in the City of Los Angeles is dealing with traffic jams. Everyone who comes to L.A. needs to be prepared for huge traffic jams and some road rage.

The public transportation exists, but most people choose to use their cars. Having a car in Los Angeles is almost necessary. However, there’s a chance of surviving the L.A. traffic without a car if your home is on a good location, but that’s a big risk to take. So, you better get used to the traffic jams and try different tactics for avoiding them as much as you can.

Things to do after moving to Los Angeles

Whether you’re moving locally or creating a to-do list for international relocation to Los Angeles, you’ll have to know what to do after the move. Moving is a stressful process, so knowing how to relax after the relocation is a must. Here’s what every newcomer needs to check out in Los Angeles after the relocation:

  • Santa Monica Beach;
  • Venice Beach Boardwalk;
  • Hollywood Walk of Fame;
  • Griffith Observatory;
  • Universal Studios Hollywood, and much more.

As you can see, it’s easy to fall in love with Los Angeles. This city offers numerous possibilities and opportunities. You should embrace all of them after moving to Los Angeles! Prepare for the relocation properly and enjoy the new chapter in your life in one of the greatest cities in the US.

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